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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Manila Standard Today(?)-3

Fire Malu Fernandez! Boycott Manila Standard Today and People Asia Magazine!!

Indeed with such an article that was written by Malu Fernandez, The Manila Standard Today should have stepped up to the plate and fired Malu Fernandez. People Asia Magazine should never have ran that article as well.

Just like the spreading of Malu Fernandez’s hateful article has occurred, let us spread one voice to combat such bigotry and intolerance in our nation.

I am proposing, effective immediately, the forced resignation of Malu Fernandez, a worthy apology from her, as well The Manila Standard Today and People Asia, and until this occurs, we should all move for a boycott on The Manila Standard Today as well as People Asia Magazine.

1. Email the Newspaper and request the resignation or firing of Malu Fernandez;
2. Don’t buy Manila Standard Today until the matter is reconciled;
3. Spread the issue through word of mouth;
4. Write or call local and national newspapers regarding this issue, and our stand to have Malu Fernandez fired!


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