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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Canister Scandal

Man’s surgery posted on YouTube

Danilo said he felt violated and would file charges against medical personnel at the government-owned Vicente Sotto Medical Memorial Center (VSMMC).

He said his rights to privacy and confidentiality were violated. Danilo said he was asleep when it happened.

“Mao nay confidential nga nikatag na man diay (This is what they called confidentiality when they spread it around),” lamented Danilo. “Mura man sila'g di mga graduhan oi. Sakto diay na? Cebu Daily News checked the video on YouTube, but the website said it had been pulled out.

Normally, only eight medical workers are allowed inside the operating room. But based on the video, there were more than eight inside the operating room.

The hospital does not take a video of all operations but only select cases for academic purposes, Gines said.

Apparently challenged, the man told Danilo to have sex with him again, but this time using the canned body spray he found inside Danilo's room.

Danilo said he then fell asleep.

Danilo said he felt something painful inside his body. “Gayaw-yaw ko, oi. Naingon man ni’g Carbon, kadaghan ba sa tawo (I kept on complaining. Danilo was discharged from the hospital January 5. A doctor then informed him that they had videotaped the operation and kept the body spray.

About two months later, Danilo said he was surprised that barangay captain Tumulak sought him out and showed him the video.

Barangay captain Tumulak said he was willing to help Danilo press charges.

He said he recognized the operating room in the video because he had been in VSMMC before.

Because of the video, Danilo stopped mingling with his friends, he said.


Elliot said...

Poor guy. Those "professionals" should be stripped off their titles at the very least. They're stupid big time.

Anyhow, care for a linkex? ^^;

vincent said...

No problemo(!)Elliot I have yours already.

Anyway, our government have identified the medical team members and they're under investigation.